Statistics from the ownership of a 2000 Chrysler Neon

This page describes the statistics I collected during my ownership of an aging Chrysler Neon LE, model year 2000, with automatic transmission. I hope that these hard numbers will help people get a better idea of what they could expect when purchasing an older car.

I bought the car in 2009 and disposed of it exactly 3 years later, in 2012. At the time of disposal, the car was fully functional and driveable. I decided to dispose of it (i.e., send it for scrap) because there was mounting list of repairs that needed to be done to drive it much past the 300,000 km mark. Furthermore, the car was an environmental hazard because it was burning much oil and was leaking much coolant. The following table shows the dates of the ownership and the mileage I accumulated for the given time.

Date Odometer
Start 2009-10-05 183,930 km
End 2012-10-04 307,021 km
Total 1,095 days 123,091 km


The following table shows my costs (in Canadian Dollars). The car was registered in Ontario and most repairs were done at an independent mechanic.

Purchase price (incl. tax) $2,217.00
Licensing and insurance $4,291.62
Maintenance $6,332.09
Gasoline $10,183.53
Total $23,024.24
Estimate of savings $14,050.68
Total (adjusted) $8,973.56

The cost is adjusted with a conservative estimate of the savings from using the car instead of using the bus (where feasible) or renting a car. Over the span of ownership, the adjusted cost averaged to $250 per month.

Maintenance includes oil changes and other consumables (such as a new set of all-season tires and a new battery). Major repairs included:

The oil change was done approximately every 10,000 km because the engine was burning much oil and oil was, in effect, changed (replentished) all the time.

Fuel consumption

The total gas used was 9,273.69 L (2,449.85 gal US) which gives average fuel consumption of 7.53 L/100km (31.22 mpg US). The car was driven mostly on the highway, with an estimated ratio of 90/10 (highway/city).


Plot of distance driven, maintenance cost and fuel consumption vs. time

Plot of time, maintenance cost and fuel consumption vs. distance driven